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Strategic minerals

There were many colonial countries in the colonial era whose purpose was to exploit their colonies and relate to the market. It was the time of colonial era that almost all the colonial countries, such as Europe etc., wanted to take full advantage of their colonies; this was also one of the reasons when these countries became a conflict of interest among themselves. This eventually turned into a world war. World war was not right for any country even if it was inside or with regard to countries outside. This war had become a battle of supremacy more than the war of sovereignty due to the nationalism of the country. The damage, of which was not only the development of the country but also a shock to the whole of humanity.

Three things were very important in that situation.

First of all, the war of supremacy must end soon.

Secondly, the supply of industrial and battlefield within the country must not get any kind of shortfall because it could have an effect of victory in the war.

The third and most importantly that was the balance of power in the country not to be weak in the future with others.

In the above circumstances, still winning of war was the prime focus. Therefore, the necessary metals and minerals were needed to build weapons and ammunitions.  For that purpose, it was extremely important for the defense industry to provide all these strategic minerals in adequate quantity.

So, during the World War, the importance of mineral resources was realized and now it began to believe that adequate availability of mineral resources is an important source of balance of power, defense, industry, economy, infrastructure and progress in the country.

We can divide these minerals into three major parts

  1. Main Mineral or Base Mineral as Iron, Lead etc.
  2. Electric power mineral

(A) Nuclear power minerals such as uranium etc.

(B) Fossil fuel minerals such as coal, petrol, diesel etc.

  1. Strategic Mineral: In fact, it is based on the used where we can identify about strategic minerals.

This mineral actually plays a key role as the catalyst or able to change the main structure of base mineral or metal by changing its composition to be used according to the desired situation and places as expected.

To be continued to know about Strategic Mineral…