Some Important Tips which should be done before appearing preliminary exam for IAS-2017

Sarthak IAS_Tips

Sarthak IAS_Tips

Social Development

  • Government schemes and the newly initiatives were taken by the Govt. is the major portion.
  • For the above information govt. websites are the best they will provide you the correct information.
  • Newspapers and magazines like Yojana also provide a large amount of information.
  • In this¬†year elections held many states, so the Government is releasing the list of all services provided by them, it will be very helpful if you go through that list.
  • Economic surveys prove to be very fruitful.
  • You can prepare notes from India Year Book.

Environmental Issues

These have evolved as a major topic for IAS Prelims and one of the major concerns for Govt. They have covered almost 10-15 questions in the IAS prelims.

  • Environmental issues can be read from a list of books like NCERT, IGNOU study material and much more.
  • News on latest environmental summits as well as magazines will also be providing a large amount of information.
  • Notes should be made from the newspapers related to the topics. Notes help a lot in preparation for the IAS preparation.
  • Reports prepared by National and International Environmental Bodies also proves to be a great source of knowledge.

Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning portion is marked fetching if proper preparation is done then you can easily score marks in this section.

  • The first and foremost tip to secure well in logical reasoning is to read the question properly.
  • Logical reasoning questions include a variety of terms with itself that includes logical relation, Contradiction, inductive and deductive part.
  • There might be questions arise from figures so you should practice well from all the standard books.

Decision Making

Decision making plays an important role in administration, it judges the decision taking the power of a person in tangible and intangible situations.

  • All the questions pertaining to decision making should be dealt in accordance with the Govt. rules and regulations.
  • The decision should be easily executable.
  • Decisions should be free from prejudices towards any particular body.
  • The decisions made should be morally and ethically correct.

Further information will be updated soon by the IAS coaching in Lucknow.