In May this year, it will be 11 years since India crossed the nuclear Rubicon and became a de facto nuclear weapons power. The strategy of ambivalence, namely keeping the option open, was finally ended, shifting in a definitive manner towards weaponisation, the global opprobrium notwithstanding. Given India’s distinctive nuclear profile marked by restraint and rectitude in husbanding this apocalyptic capability, an accommodation with the global community was reached in late 2008 when the NSG (nuclear suppliers group) accorded India an exceptional status, despite its being a non-signatory to the NPT.
What is the underlying strategy to harmonise India’s complex and seemingly contradictory nuclear profile that encompasses credible nuclear deterrence, safe nuclear power, and an abiding commitment to disarmament? This book addressees these issues with a rare and commendable lucidity in a manner that is comprehensive and comprehensible, an elusive element in matters nuclear.