Human Rights and UNO

UNO and its organizations are very important for Preliminary and Mains Examination in General Studies for IAS Exam. As a IAS coaching, Some concept about UNO is here-

After second world war, it considered that this type of human disaster should not happen again. With this objective, United Nations Organization formed on 24 October 1945. Now United Nation has the responsibility to make peace and harmony between nations. If any conflicts would be raised between countries will be solved peacefully bilateral talk or with intervening of UNO. On another hand; no need to compromise with Nation Security because UNO also will handle it if the matter went in the worst condition. By the way, the war would be last option of any country.

Indeed, the war cannot start just because of Military exercises; often it occurred due to economic and social or might be political consequences but all above thing could be to make the disaster if it converted in war.

So, It is needed that an effort for social, economic and political development which will be able to make peace in the world.

The principal department of UNO is Council for the economy and social. The objective is to develop harmony and peace among nations with co-operations. It is written in the preamble of UNESCO that the war is actually should be raised into the Human Mind. It means war or military practices are not only solutions for Nations Security and sovereignty.

After, analyzing the past events of first and second world war; the conclusion found that Germany, Italy, and Japan dictatorship was the major factor for that disaster which pushes the entire world into the world war.

Mainly, the dictatorship came into the political system when democracy has not existed; in this scenario, there would be no any type of Natural justice considered for the human being. It is therefore considered that dictatorship concept removes from the world political scenario can provide Natural Justice like liberty and freedom for an overall development of human being.

There are close relations of Natural Justice and global peace.

With this objective, UNO tries to make a system about these human rights where UNO always make assurance to prove every Natural Justice of Human beings.

All above objective is key principals of UNO.