The pedagogy at SARTHAK ASPIRANTS can be stated as a four step process –

a)      Mental conditioning

According to Mr. R.Mohan – “With civil services, half the battle is won in the mind”. At  SARTHAK ASPIRANTS we begin this process by destroying the myth around the exam. In due course of time, a  SARTHAK ASPIRANTS , under the guidance of         Mr. R. Mohan, develops the mental strength needed to prepare and qualify for the examination.

b)      Approach development

“Approach development” lies at the heart of SARTHAK ASPIRANTS. It is an answer to the universal question – “How should I prepare for the exam?”. The “approach” has been devised personally by Mr. R. Mohan after a careful study of the evolving nature of the examination. It involves techniques and resources which enable an aspirant to achieve his/her dream.

An important aspect of approach development is self-reliance. Once an aspirant has developed the correct approach, he/she can be said to have understood the essence of the examination.

c) STRATEGY            

The perfect strategy will make you more confident and organized to face UPSC Exam very easily that also make you able to know your preparation status where you need to focus.

(1)           Strategy of Study: After deep study of current UPSC pattern, current questioning pattern, focusing areas of UPSC etc., then SARTHAK ASPIRANTS coach you just important aspects only, which make you more focused on current pattern.

(2)           Strategy of time: You know well that all of us are human being, we face and suffer with many positive and negative things as health problems, social or family circumstances etc.  and also it effect us  ,   we can not be digital as machine.  If anyone says you that they will complete all the things on the short time that means they are avoiding your grasping level & concept understanding and all needed things, they just off loading their responsibility only, so beware. Because this exam is on all India level basis so maturity and understanding of concepts are more important rather than completing syllabus in very short period.

Here we make and try to maintain a time table to complete the syllabus in certain time with discipline but we also care your emotions, grasping power and circumstances which matters.

D) Techniques

Usually you heard about some aspirants who qualify IAS exam at first attempt with rank but some are doing very much labour but they are not able to qualify even a pre examination.

Here is, the techniques which makes the difference between successes and failures,SARTHAK ASPIRANTS is not confusing  you  by needless preparation structure or words or else,it just  believes their simple  techniques, hard work with you which make you success.

Needless to say, SARTHAK ASPIRANTS expects dedication and hard work from its aspirants. Our pedagogy helps the aspirant channel this hard work in the correct direction. It is not a substitute for hard work.