SARTHAK IAS is most trusted coaching in Lucknow for Civil Services preparation.In this “Resources” page we are going to suggest you that how to prepare IAS exam yourself or could be considered as the material resource.

Firstly, you need to know the approach which is important to prepare IAS exam, especially for General Studies. We mean to say that there is some difference to study General Studies as per exam purpose than academic.


You should study and understand every subject properly rather than just read or remember the facts only. Relevancy of each subject, Topics, and issues must be understood as per currents scenario and try to know that how it apply in society and also how it impact on society and human beings which could be positive or negative then make your own view and opinion that what did you understand.

Conceptualization :

It is a very important aspect of Civil preparation. Your concept on every topic and issues must be clear which could help you to make your own opinion. It is seen that UPSC ask the questions at your opinion level. At current pattern they don’t raise straightforward questions rather than consequences based questions. So, if your concept is clear that means you would be able to give the perfect answer. After the study, it needed to develop Conceptualization power on IAS syllabus.

Analyzing Power:

After the study of syllabus based material, you should enhance your ability to analyze the topic and issues as per IAS syllabus. This ability will help you in mains and interview and also in preliminary examination because the memorable facts and data will remember you automatically. With this effort, you can avoid irritative rote memorization.

Notes Making:

Notes should be your own handwriting in very short what you studied especially for conventional subjects and studies. It must be in your mind that these notes will help you to revise till confidence. So, if it is in a short manner with diagram etc. will help you a lot; doesn’t matter that notes will be decorative or good writing or proper written, it could be in codifying which help you understand the thing very easily. the tips are essential to be notable that some space in the pages must blank wherein you could add other information in future.

It any current issue/ affair is related the topic must be discussed and added to that particular page would be also very important to your notes.