SARTHAK ASPIRANTS is the brainchild of its director Mr. R. Mohan, a pass out of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)-Delhi. He got experience of many interviews as well as faculty experience from Delhi based renowned IAS coachings. To make true your dream and fulfill the ambition , he leaved his  gazetted job and set up the IAS coaching in the Land of Nawabs -Lucknow, SARTHAK ASPIRANTS is an effort to enable the dreams of the aspirants for Indian Civil Services.

The Myth

The Indian Civil Services is probably the most difficult exam. At SARTHAK ICS, we believe that nothing can be farther from the truth. This incorrect notion has developed because of a lack of awareness. A civil services aspirant is flooded with information which makes him/her fear the exam. More often than not, the battle is lost even before it begins.

SARTHAK ICS – Destroying the myth

At SARTHAK ICS, we initiate our program by demystifying the exam for the aspirant. Thus, an aspirant inculcates a healthy respect for the examination and not a fear of it. Mr. R. Mohan says that the first step towards qualifying is to understand the exam and the examiners. He says – “Only if you understand the monster, can you devise a strategy to kill it.”



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